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06:55 pm: Changes...
Well, after the recent spate of events, things have really come to a head, and I've made a number of choices I hope never to regret. I'll have to make some changes to my life as it is, and I'm not sure how quickly things will move. They might get really fast through this rough patch, or be a slow drawn-out process (wah can die). Anyway, I do hope that by the time all this is over, I'll have some semblance of a life I happen to enjoy living. Despite my mutterings, of course.

So anyway, there's just a couple of things that need to be done:

1. I'm officially looking for a new home! This means getting a place somewhere else, maybe near school. Interested flat-mates are definitely welcome, just give a buzz. If you can't call/email me, probably you're not eligible for this offer, eh.

2. New direction for my favourite sport! Well, I'll see how far I can go, that much hasn't quite changed. Only now, it's gone from a road to the top strewn with glass, to a vertical climb up a waaaaaaaaay smoother surface. Crap. What's got to be done has to be, though.

For the time being, however, safety options have been upgraded. For one thing, I've actually gone and put my computer under lock and key now. And changed every password I have. Perhaps MSN'll be a safer place now, though I wouldn't bet on it. My paranoid self says to warn everyone - if it doesn't sound like me, it probably isn't. So don't say too much unless you're sure.

I'm Arien-born, and all fire and metal inside. There's nobody born who'll take down my spirit in my lifetime for long. *growls*

Current Mood: determineddetermined
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