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11:53 pm: That.
If ever something like that happens, I don't think I'd want to try and win you back. If you could leave once, you'd just leave again, for whatever reason.

If ever something like that happens, I think one way or another, we would be done. Because I don't see how anyone would put those they value in such a position. It's not even about social disapproval, it's simply obvious that things would have to be fundamentally broken for such a thing to happen. And if they're broken, well, I assume all attempts to prevent breakage were tried one way or other. If they were not attempted, then the breakage is simply cleaner for a lack of care. Same diff.

I doubt it would get messy, even. Because if something like that happens, I wouldn't fight you and the choices you made to get there.

p.s. This assumes it's on you, which is unfair, but I'll put it this way. The reverse wouldn't happen because before I do such a thing, I would have left. Maybe you'd choose a similar course, I don't yet know well enough to say.

p.p.s. I cannot bear the thought of losing you. But if I've already lost, then there's no logic in prolonging the pain.

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