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01:16 pm: I was happy. Now I'm not.
So many shades of angry, and I'm trying very hard not to be.

How can it ever be possible to coexist with people who advocate murder and celebrate massacre? (It's not.)

Far worse than the shooter, are the people who got him there and who still live, and nurture their hate like Zerg creep. Rule of Three or no, I am so mad right now.

I don't wish that their children are gay.

I don't wish that they'll have a miserable marriage.

I don't wish that they'll be alone.

I wish them beautiful relationships with their significant others, and a marriage that promises to be the best thing they ever had.
And I wish upon them children who are heterosexual, because no gay child deserves parents who think like that.

And I wish that their children turn out to be amazing, understanding, and tolerant people who know what love is. Who refuse to discriminate. Who will cast wondering, pitying eyes upon the strangled mess that is their soul. Maybe their children won't learn about love from them. And maybe won't spend so much time with them, because people like them are horrible in the long term, and nobody wants to hang out with horrible people anyway. But I hope their children learn that lesson deep and well.

I want them to know regret, and loss. And to be cast out, in the same way they wish it, and worse, upon people more vulnerable and in weaker positions than they are. I wish that will they reap exactly that which they sow so freely. And know that it is by no other hand, that things turn out that way.

I hope they learn exactly what it is, that they are doing to others, preferably first-hand. And see the festering, feculent, pustular rot in what passes for a heart in their body for what it is.

I hope they'll learn their lesson in time for them to change.

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